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Version 9.1.1 Release Notes

Schedule buttons to execute via the Web Server

Schedule buttons to execute at a given date/time using a calendar date picker, and set them to repeat at specified intervals if desired.  Scheduled buttons available on devices running iOS 9 and later only.


Run the Web Server in the background

Once you start the Web Server, you can now tap the "Hide" button to send it to the background while you continue to use TouchControl in the foreground.  TouchControl must remain running for the Web Server to remain active.


Other stability improvements


Version 9.1 Release Notes


Add the iOS 3D parallax effect to your TouchControl home screen and activity backgrounds. See this page for more information.



Navigate TouchControl and execute your buttons using the new VoiceControl feature. See this page for more information.


Web Server

Run a lightweight, embedded web server in TouchControl, and render your activities in a web browser and/or execute buttons using HTTP Requests via your iOS device. See this page for more information.


Other fixes and improvements


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