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Get TouchControl for iOS here:

TouchControl Server

TouchControl Server is required to use the TouchControl iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app. 

Windows Server

TouchControl Server for Windows is provided as a compressed (.zip) file containing the product installation files.  Once downloaded, simply open the compressed folder and run the Windows installer file to install TouchControl Server.  This server will notify you when a new version is available, if you have that option enabled (default).  If not, please check back here often for new versions.

macOS Server

TouchControl Server for macOS is available from the Mac App Store.

Button Packs

Below you will find several button packs for use with TouchControl.  Simply download them and place them in the images folder under your TouchControl Server data directory (found in server settings).  The "Default" button packs below are the ones originally shipped with TouchControl server, used with the default configuration activities.  Also included here are the default activity background images, button icons and slider images shipped with the server.  The "Others" are just some random packs of images you are free to use if you wish.  


If you have a button pack that you'd like to share with others, just send it to, and it will be posted here.

Activity Import Files

These activities can be imported into your configuration using the Tools -> Import Configuration option from the menu. Click on an image below to download the desired file(s) to your system and then navigate to and select the file when prompted during import.  


The first five import files listed below (each includes iPhone and iPad layouts) are included with the TouchControl Server installation.

DirecTV Remote
Sample DirecTV Remote activity for iPhone and iPad. These activities use SSDP to discover and configure your DirecTV receivers on your network. No additional configuration needed to control DirecTV receivers.  Can be easily modified to add power, volume, etc. commands for your TV as well. 

See the "READ-ME" file located in this export for additional installation and usage notes.

Nightstand (iPhone only)
Sample activity that displays a digital clock with time and date. Swipe the screen to change the text display color and to change the screen brightness. Also shows current battery charging state & level.

See the "*READ ME*" script button in this activity for additional information.

Sample activity that doesn't actually control anything, but gives you an easy method to test the VoiceControl feature of TouchControl.  Each button simply logs its execution to a scrolling text field at the bottom of the screen when it is successfully executed, either via voice or touch. 
Color Picker

Sample activity demonstrating the generation of HEX and RGB color values from a color palette image.  Includes activities for iPhone and iPad.

See the "*READ ME*" script button in this activity for additional installation and usage notes.

Sample chat clients for iPhone and iPad demonstrating various features of Text Field buttons.  Also includes auto lock feature.  Requires TouchControl 7.3 or later.

Additional activity import files:

TV & Receiver
Sample activity with buttons controlling a Panasonic TV and a Sony receiver via a Global Caché iTach adapter.
Text Entry
Sample activity for the iPhone demonstrating the use of the device keyboard to send keystrokes to a Roku for on-screen text entry.  This can be integrated into any existing remote layout and could be used for devices other than Roku if the device has an API for sending keystrokes.
Activity Lock
Sample activities for the iPhone and iPad demonstrating the Activity Lock feature. Requires TouchControl 7.2.1 or later. See this page for more information.
PC Keyboards
Sample PC Keyboards for the iPad (one with black keys and the other with white). Requires TouchControl 7.2 or later. See this pagefor more information.
Air Mouse
Sample "air mouse" activity for iPhone demonstrating motion sensing.
This sample activity provides examples of creating simple "toggle" buttons that update button text and swap button images.
Use the _speak() and _voices() script functions to enable speech synthesis (text to speech).
Xcode Debugger

Sample iPhone activity for Xcode developers, using Command buttons that execute AppleScript to control various features of the Xcode debugger.

See the "*READ ME*" script button in this activity for additional information.

Sample activity demonstrating the use of Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) to discover devices on your network. See the "READ-ME" file in this export activity usage information. iPad only. Requires TouchControl 7.4.2 or later.

See the "READ-ME" file located in this export for additional usage notes.

Telnet Client
Sample Telnet client activity for iPhone (tested with Microsoft Telnet Server). See the "TelnetClient" button's script for more information.
Grid Buttons
Sample activities for iPhone and iPad demonstrating scrolling Grid buttons.
Sample scoreboard activities for iPhone and iPad demonstrating the power of TouchControl as an app dev platform, as well as the Multi-Peer feature of iOS 7+. Requires TouchControl 7.3 or later.

Other sample activity downloads

Demonstrates a mousepad to control your PC (designed for iPhone)

Demonstrates a mousepad to control your PC (designed for iPad)

Control your devices using mousepad gestures on your iOS device (taps, swipes, pinches, etc.)

Demonstrates group animations using multiple, movable group buttons

Demonstrates controlling XBMC/Kodi on your PC using HTTP Request buttons

Demonstrates controlling XBMC/Kodi on your PC using TCP (EventTrigger) buttons

Control a Denon AVR home theater receiver using EventTrigger buttons.

Control a Denon AVR home theater receiver using Global Caché buttons.

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