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TouchControl Activity & Device Sharing

TouchControl Server for macOS and Windows includes a feature that allows you to share your configuration information with other TouchControl users via this web site.  You are able to share individual activities or devices that other users can download and import into their configurations.

TouchControl "activities" consist of one or more devices that are logically grouped together to allow you to perform a task (such as "Watch TV"), control a set of devices (such as "Outdoor Lights"), control devices and elements in a given location (such as "Basement Audio"), or anything else that makes sense to you.

TouchControl "devices" are groups of buttons with a common purpose.  This can include:

  • Controlling an individual device, such as a TV, receiver, computer, etc.

  • Performing similar functions, such as controlling various lighting devices or scenes, etc.

  • Executing commands for a given protocol, such as X-10, Z-wave, HTTP, etc.

  • Any other logical grouping of buttons that make sense to you given your configuration.

Please see the following pages for more information specifically related to sharing activities or devices.

- TouchControl Activity Sharing -

- TouchControl Device Sharing -

Use the following buttons to open a page listing the currently shared activities or devices, and providing a link to download the shared files to your computer.  Once downloaded, you can import the activities or devices into TouchControl Server using the "Import configuration..." option on the server's "Tools" menu. Once imported, the activities or devices will show up just like any other activity or device you have added, and can be freely modified to suit your specific needs. 

You can also request a specific activity or device configuration from the TouchControl community on these pages.  Requests are simply displayed on the pages for others to see, and help let other users know if they may have a configuration that could help you or someone else.  Visit these page any time you add a new device to your configuration and don't already have the button configurations that you require, or are looking for new ideas to improve your TouchControl configuration.

Of course, the more activities and devices that are shared, the more useful this feature will become.  Please consider sharing your activity and device configurations and help build a community where we can all benefit.
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