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Release History

v9.3 - 9/26/2016 - Version 9.3 Release Notes

  • Supports iOS app version 9.3 with updates to support new Mac server

  • General updates and improvements


v9.1.1 - 4/6/2016 - Version 9.1.1 Release Notes

  • Schedule buttons in the Web Server

  • Run the Web Server in the background while you use TouchControl

  • Stability improvements



v9.1 - 3/16/2016 - Version 9.1 Release Notes

  • New background Parallax feature

  • New VoiceControl feature

  • New Web Server feature

  • Other general fixes and improvements



v9.0.1 - 12/11/2015 - Version 9 Release Notes

  • Fix issue with iPad scrolling on large activities

  • Fix new version checking in server



v9 - 11/23/2015 - Version 9 Release Notes

  • New Apple Watch app

  • New _ipAddress script variable

  • Updates for iOS 9 multi-tasking


v8.3 - 9/18/2015 - Version 8.3 Release Notes

  • New sample activities to control Philips Hue lights

  • Enhanced Gesture Pad External Mousepad functionality

  • New ImagePicker feature

  • Bug fixes and general improvements


v8.2.1 - 8/11/2015 - Server only

  • Added the following script helper functions:

  • _getCenter('buttonName')

  • _setCenter('buttonName',x,y)

  • _animateCenter('buttonName',x,y)

  • Bug fixes


v8.2 -7/28/2015 - Version 8.2 Release Notes

  • New app icon and launch image

  • Option to enable the iPhone proximity sensor in iOS app to help save battery

  • Bug fixes and general improvements


v8.1.1 -5/27/2015 - Version 8.1.1 Release Notes

  • Determine network status via script

  • Disable full-screen activity "go-back" swiping via script

  • Automatic bypass option

  • Bug fixes


v8.1 - 4/9/2015 - Version 8.1 Release Notes

  • New MacroMessage feature

  • WebRemote updates

  • HTTPS requests

  • Use dynamic IP addresses with UDP interfaces

  • Bug fixes


v8 - 2/17/2015 - Version 8 Release Notes

  • Custom transitions

  • External mousepad

  • Run script from link buttons

  • Designer grid improvements

  • Bug fixes


v7.4.2 - 1/29/2015

  • New sample DirecTV Remote self-configuring activity

  • Enable SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol)

  • More iPhone 6/6+ updates (incl. @3x images)

  • New TextField key script

  • Disable/enable listeners at run-time

  • Quick access to button config in designer

  • Bug fixes


v7.4.1 - 12/12/2014

  • Use an external script editor for button script in the server designer

  • New "Find Unused Buttons" feature in server designer

  • Replace Global Caché connector

  • New _dynamicServer script variable

  • New _appVersion script variable

  • Bug fixes


v7.4 - 10/27/2014

  • Updates for iPhone 6 and 6+

  • Automatically scale iPhone activity layouts to multiple screen sizes

  • Integrated IR code database from Global Caché

  • New scriptable device motion sensing feature

  • New _sleep(ms) script helper function

  • New _setActivityTitle('title') script helper function

  • Bug fixes


v7.3.8 - 10/7/2014

  • iOS 8 updates & fixes


v7.3.5 - 9/3/2014

  • TouchMotion pre & post script

  • Expanded named colors for button text and backgrounds

  • Button and device search feature in server designer

  • Activity export now includes interface definitions

  • Other updates and bug fixes


v7.3.4 - 7/14/2014

  • New Grid buttons

  • Pass data to Web View HTML and URLs via script

  • Other updates and bug fixes


v7.3.3 - 6/4/2014

  • iOS app accessibility (voice-over) updates


v7.3.2 - 5/14/2014

  • Bug fixes

  • Intermittent connectivity errors

  • iOS 5.1.1 (iPad 1) activities view


v7.3.1 - 5/2/2014

  • Bug fixes


v7.3 - 4/5/2014

  • Default Configuration (no server) mode

  • Offline Configurations

  • Multi-Peer (Nearby Networking)

  • Config refresh performance improvements

  • Scrolling layout designer

  • Alter WebView identity

  • TextField button enhancements

  • Redirect mouse control

  • Set button background color & rounded corners

  • Change button font

  • Local Command Echo enhancements

  • Programmatic full-screen mode

  • Blocking & non-blocking pauses in macros

  • Auto-exec updates

  • Orientation and disconnect script updates

  • New script variables

  • Bug fixes


v7.2.1 - 2/2/2014

  • Update multiple like-named buttons via script

  • TouchTips for sliders

  • New "Text Field" button type

  • New "_local" script object for variables scoped to individual activities

  • New "Activity Lock" feature

  • New "_vibrate()" script helper function

  • Hide button outlines in designer

  • Force reload server configuration from disk

  • Performance & stability improvements

  • Cosmetic enhancements

  • Bug fixes

  • And more


v7.2 - 12/27/2013

  • Repeating pauses in macros

  • New "Pinned" TouchMotion modifier

  • New "TouchMotion Duration" setting

  • Turn Screen Grabber mouse pointer capture on/off via script

  • Refresh background and button image lists

  • New sample PC Keyboard

  • More


v7.1 - 11/16/2013

  • New "Ineractive" web views

  • New screen scrolling button commands

  • Broadcast signals received by a USB-UIRT to TouchControl

  • Proxy internal requests via TouchControl Server

  • More


v7.0.4 - 10/30/2013 (server only)

  • Added UDP server functionality (discussed in this solution)


v7.0.3 - 10/25/2013

  • Additional iOS 7 fixes

  • Removed experimental iOS 7 theme option

  • Server fixes


v7.0.2 - 10/14/2013

  • Even more iOS 7 tweaks and fixes

  • Display your images in a spinner button

  • Bug fixes

  • Server fixes


v7.0.1 - 9/27/2013

  • More iOS 7 tweaks and fixes

  • New button behavior setting

  • Enable IRCommand2 buttons in macros

  • Updated iOS app icon


v7 - 9/17/2013

  • iOS 7 compatibility

  • New option iOS 7 theme

  • New icon & other app images

  • New configuration recovery feature

  • Multi-line 2-stage buttons

  • New button layout options

  • Update to Screen Grabber "protect" feature

  • Bug fixes


v6.2.1 - 7/15/2013

  • Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic link and URL buttons

  • New Server JSON HTTP API

  • UI enhancements


v6.2 - 6/7/2013

  • Bug Fixes

  • Improved mouse control performance

  • Replace main activities screen with your own custom activity

  • Dynamic Global Caché module & connector addressing

  • Updated navigation icons

  • New TouchControl Server installer (please see important information regarding this in the server release notes)


v6.1.1 - 5/9/2013

  • Bug fixes

  • Stability & performance improvements

  • Dynamic activity backgrounds

  • See the latest blog post regarding mouse control issues


v6.1 - 4/12/2013

  • New "Group" buttons

  • New "TouchMotion" setting for group buttons

  • Create group templates for easy group re-use

  • Animate buttons and groups via script (Pro)

  • Drag-to-select in server designer

  • New "quick-drag" mode in designer

  • New "group edit" mode in designer

  • New "Propagate" option for designing buttons

  • New "QuickHelp" for server designer

  • Additional keystroke shortcuts in server designer

  • New "Background" hard volume button switch

  • Minor bug fixes


v6.0 - 2/6/2013

  • Native iRTrans support

  • New "Script" button type

  • Use velocity with swipe gestures

  • Button shadows

  • TouchTips

  • Show a button's property as it's text

  • Improved server configuration management

  • Use device hardware volume buttons

  • Clone buttons in designer

  • Un-dock designer window

  • HTTP authentication

  • Stationary buttons

  • Interface bypass mode

  • WebRemote updates

  • Protect WebRemote

  • Proxy external requests through TC server

  • Bug fixes

  • And more!


v5.7.1 - 10/11/2012

  • Bug fixes (nav bar buttons and feedback crashes)

  • New _getState() script helper function

  • New "migrate buttons" server tool


v5.7 - 9/28/2012

  • iOS 6 & iPhone 5 compatibility updates

  • Minimum iOS version is 4.3

  • New alternate button text and HTML formatted buttons

  • HTTP Request button updates

  • New Pro upgrade scripting features

  • Now store data in iCloud and share with other devices running TouchControl

  • Update button connection destinations dynamically via script and create activities that change functionality as you move from room to room

  • Marquee labels

  • Render remote screens in a web browser

  • Enhanced iOS VoiceOver support

  • Start TouchControl Server minimized

  • Bug fixes

  • And more!


v5.6.2 - 7/30/2012

  • New "popover" link buttons to temporarily display buttons on top of your activity (iPad only)

  • Improved speed of script "helper" fuctions

  • Bug fixes


v5.6.1 - 7/13/2012

  • New "Restore" option in upgrades to restore purchases made on other devices, or after device reload/app re-install

  • Command type buttons now can receive feedback & run feedback script

  • Option to hide the "Refresh" button in iOS app settings

  • New default button properties - set properties on buttons before you add them to a layout

  • New script variables (Pro upgrade only):

  • "_pressed" - contains the path to the button's "pressed" image (read/write)

  • "_device" - contains the device the given button belongs to (read-only

  • New server/designer usability updates

  • If the layout desinger is open, selecting a button in the buttons list flashes the corresponding button on the layout, if found

  • Clicking a button on a layout automatically selects the corresponding button in the buttons list, if found, and selects the corresponding device if needed

  • Control the screen grabber from buttons on your device

  • True button z-order in the server designer and on the device

  • Edit script files directly from the server's Script Manager panel in your favorite Javascript editor

  • Added additional retina iPad images

  • Bug fixes


v5.6 - 5/30/2012

  • Fix for UDP buttons in macros.

  • Fix for "~" character in scripts in macros.

  • Include all device buttons in activity export/import.

  • Include all script in activity export/import.

  • Full-screen layouts on iPad.

  • New "Smart Reconnect" feature.

  • New TCP connection "heartbeat" feature.

  • Include script from external files (use your own Javascript editor!).

  • UDP listeners can join multicast groups.

  • Enable/disable device sleep ("Always On" mode) via buttons on your layouts.

  • Adjust screen brightness via buttons on your layouts (iOS 5 or later only).

  • Update any button's UI properties (text, image, icon, top, left, width, height, transparency, rotation, text size, text color, enabled) directly from script (Pro upgrade only).

  • Option to enable/disable showing the "Device Function" buttons () in the client app.

  • And much more!


v5.5 - 3/12/2012

  • Touch IR Server renamed to TouchControl Server.

  • Improved re-connect after device sleep.

  • "TouchControl Pro" upgrade (in-app purchase) for enhanced and advanced two-way control and scripting.

  • Feedback Listener buttons (listen for UDP messages from devices on your network).

  • Feedback Client buttons (monitor a specific network device for feedback).

  • Custom button properties! Add your own properties to any button, and access them via script at run time.

  • Pre- and post-script to execute script before and/or after any button command.

  • Custom script libraries! Load your own custom script libraries from TouchControl server, or from another Web server, and access that script from your buttons.

  • New script variables give your script access to properties for every button on an activity layout.

  • Table views for lists of info (variation on the "Spinner" buttons).

  • MANY other scripting & feedback enhancements.

  • Timer buttons - schedule a button to execute at a future time, or on an interval.

  • Completed server name change from "Touch IR Server" to "TouchControl Server".

  • Bug fixes and UI enhancements.


v5.4.3 - 10/18/2011

  • Additional iOS 5 compatibility fixes (including initial iPad load issues and intermittent connection/download errors)

  • Fix for using HTTP buttons as actions for sliders

  • Update and/or refresh WebViews via feedback script

  • Execute multiple buttons from feedback script

  • One-finger GesturePad rotations


v5.4.2 - 10/11/2011

  • iOS 5 compatibility updates (client)

  • Improved memory management (client)

  • Auto-dim device backlight in "Always On" mode (iOS 5 client only)

  • New TouchFlow modes (client)

  • Fix for dragging in GesturePad mousepad (client)

  • Fix for Global Caché IR command learning (server)


v5.4.1 - 10/03/2011

  • "ZeroConfig" network setup (requires Touch IR Server v5.4.1). Now easier than ever to get up and running!

  • Convert slider values to HEX (enables slider control of Insteon and other HEX command devices).

  • "Snap To Touch" slider interaction.

  • Execute an action when releasing a slider.

  • Automatic "Force 3G" detection.

  • User interface improvements and bug fixes.


v5.4 - 9/12/2011

  • New developer name, app name, icon and other graphics.

  • IMPORTANT!! No forward support for pre-iOS 4.0 devices.

  • New "Location Overview" activities screen layout.

  • Arrange locations & activities.

  • New location filter.

  • Custom button icons.

  • Custom button text color.

  • Move, re-size, and arrange multiple buttons simultaneously with the mouse.

  • Copy/paste buttons.

  • Create activities from templates.

  • Set button size & location via input panel.

  • New “2-stage” buttons.

  • Disable image animation.

  • Use script variables in any button command.

  • Import Global Caché buttons from iLearn.

  • Capture mouse pointer in screen grabber.

  • Enable feedback for HTTP Request buttons.

  • Feedback/2-way control enhancements.

  • Several other user interface updates and bug fixes.


v5.3.2 - 7/29/2011 (Server only)

  • Internal data storage/representation changes

  • Bug fixes


v5.3.1 - 5/20/2011 (Server only)

  • Fixed/improved Global Caché learning/IR command trimming

  • Other bug fixes


v5.3 - 5/17/2011

  • Full support for Touch IR Screen Grabber

  • Slider & Spinner buttons

  • Background activities

  • Always On feature (on device)

  • Use a hostname for 3G access (on device)

  • Set your own navigation bar title (on device)

  • One-finger long press to go back (on device)

  • Double-tap WebViews to reload (on device)

  • Mixed ASCII/HEX commands

  • Global Caché "smooth continuous IR commands"

  • Automatically trim Global Caché IR commands (on server)

  • AutoHotKey QuickEdit feature (on server)

  • New designer layout options (on server)

  • Create duplicate buttons (on server)

  • Improved rotated button layout precision (on device)

  • Initial server setup now automatically adds Windows Firewall rule

  • User interface enhancements (device & server)

  • Bug fixes (device & server)


v5.2.7 - 4/6/2011 (Server only)

  • New Screen Grabber feature

  • Bug fixes


v5.2.6 - 3/12/2011 (Server only)

  • Fix for AutoHotKey buttons


v5.2.5 - 3/10/2011

  • Fix for IR (USB-UIRT) macros

  • Improved network reconnect for GC & ET after background/timeout/sleep

  • Enable sending raw HEX commands with GG serial and ET buttons

  • Allow loading your own raw HTML in web views (in addition to URLs)

  • Allow application (cross activity) global variables in feedback script (Javsacript)

  • Auto-backup of configuration on server for emergency recovery


v5.2 - 2/11/2011

  • Fixed iOS 3.1.x crash

  • Quicker network reconnect after timeout/sleep

  • Introduces a true "Macro" button type (no longer uses IR buttons for macros)

  • Now add URL-type buttons to your macros to launch a browser or other iOS app

  • New "Press & Release" macro type: a simple two-action macro that fires on button press and button release

  • Now control remote EventTrigger devices via the UDP protocol

  • Gesture pads now support all button types

  • Improved on-screen button response/sensitivity

  • Improved stability

  • Bug fixes


v5.1 - 1/22/2011

  • Stability improvements in iOS app

  • Added support for Global Caché relay (contact closure) interface

  • Added auto-refresh option for web views

  • Added AutoHotKey keystroke helpers in layout designer

  • Option to not retain activity history when linking to other activities

  • Option to kill socket connection via feedback script

  • Removed "shake-to-home" in iPhone full-screen mode

  • Added "Go Back" link-to-activity type to create your own button to go back one screen

  • Bug fixes


v5.0 - 01/06/2011

  • IMPORTANT: If you are an EventGhost user, please re-install the EventGhost plugin included in the Touch IR Server v5.0 install package at the same time that you upgrade your server and device apps, as there have been significant changes to the inner workings of that plugin.

  • Improved network communications

  • New Server and Device Manager

  • Process button feedback with custom script

  • Integrated support for Global Caché devices

  • Wake-on-LAN

  • Renamed "EventGhost" interface to "EventTrigger"

  • New "HTTP Request" button type

  • Access your Touch IR Server and other devices from the Internet via 3G

  • Enhancements for multiple Touch IR Servers

  • Update multiple buttons/labels simultaneously from button feedback

  • Add a web view to an activity layout

  • "Fast Activity Switching" comes to the iPhone

  • iPad layout scaling

  • Macro enhancements

  • Launch Touch IR+ on your device from another app using a URL

  • Control a remote Touch IR Server with the PC Remote feature

  • Improved button movement and resizing precision in the layout designer

  • Other minor UI tweaks, usability enhancements, and bug fixes


v4.4.2 - 12/29/2010

  • Touch IR Server udpates:

  • Fixed problem when adding IRCommand2 buttons to activity layouts


v4.4.1 - 10/05/2010

  • Touch IR Server updates:

  • Fixed EventGhost interaction from PC remote feature


v4.4 - 10/05/2010

  • Use your Touch IR+ remote activities from your PC -- turn your PC into a remote control too!!!

  • Include alternate images for button "pressed" state

  • Per-button EventGhost config

  • Import background images from your PC directly into Touch IR Server

  • Include command, AutoHotKey, and EventGhost buttons in your macros (in addition to IR)

  • Easier high-res image integration in your activity layouts

  • Miscellaneous fixes

  • Updated images & icons for iPhone 4 and iPod 4G retina display

  • Faster app load and faster activity loading

  • Upload images from your device directly into Touch IR Server to use as background images

  • Touch IR Server no longer needs to be available for EventGhost buttons to work

  • UI enhancements

  • Miscellaneous fixes



v4.3 - 08/27/2010

  • Touch IR Server now runs under Parallels on the Mac!

  • Designer now support high-res images using "@2x" filename suffix. See the FAQ!

  • Receive feedback from both EventGhost and AutoHotKey and display it on your activity screen.

  • Gesture Pad Mousepad - turn a Gesture Pad into a fully functional, custom mousepad with keyboard.

  • Set the repeat interval for hold-to-repeat buttons from .1 sec to 1 sec.

  • New "label" button type - used when you want to just show text on your activity screen.

  • New option to reset buttons to their original background image dimensions.

  • Added support for the EG & AHK feedback buttons & Gesture Pad mousepad.

  • Full-screen layouts on the iPhone - available via Settings, hides the status and nav bars.

  • Configure and maintain multiple Touch IR Servers and quickly switch between them.

  • Activity zooming has been discontinued, except for iPhone layouts when viewed on the iPad.

  • Fixed startup crash on OS 3.1.3 and earlier devices.


v4.2 - 08/02/2010

  • New activity configuration panel - designate activities as iPhone/iPod or iPad. Located next to the activity dropdown list on the main panel. See "Using Touch IR Server" for more information.

  • New "Gesture Pad" button type - create a "button" that recognizes swipes, taps, and/or rotations and configure each gesture to perform whatever action you wish. Use multiple gesture pads on a single activity if desired. See "Using Touch IR Server" for more information.

  • New button/hotspot resizing features - hold the "Alt" key while resizing a button to resize by 20 pixels at a time (vs. one pixel normally), and hold the "Shift" key while resizing a button to resize and retain the button's original proportions. See "Using Touch IR Server" for more information.

  • Updated Touch Flow image generation. Please re-generate your Touch Flow images after installing this version!


v4.1 - 06/27/2010

  • Fixes issues when Touch IR Server is started before the EventGhost server is running.


v4.0 - 06/07/2010

  • EventGhost integration (via in-app upgrade). Generate EventGhost events right from your iPhone remote screens! Server download includes EventGhost plugin

  • Buttons are now rotatable 360 degrees

  • Image buttons are now resizable/stretchable

  • New auto-execute buttons - automatically execute selected buttons on load and/or exit of an activity

  • Snap-to-grid option during remote layout design

  • Full directional button/hotspot resizing in layout designer - now grab the corners of buttons to resize as well

  • Improved activity import/export functionality

  • Bug fixes


v3.0 - 05/12/2010

  • AutoHotKey integration! Now enter or record (and test!) your AutoHotKey scripts directly in Touch IR Server. No need to keep track of all of those AHK script files anymore. AutoHotKey is now distributed with Touch IR Server, so no need to install it separately (unless you want to for other purposes). Script recording directly into Touch IR Server is also provided!

  • New option to generate thumbnail images for the new "Touch Flow" interface in the iPhone app. Thumbnails are generated automatically each time you save a remote layout, or generate all thumbnails in batch by using the new Tools -> Generate Touch Flow Images menu option.

  • New visual IR macro builder in Touch IR Server designer - available from the Learn IR Codes panel. No need to copy/paste raw IR codes from other buttons to manually build macros. Select buttons to include in macros and add pauses too!

  • Move individually or group-selected buttons (ctrl+click) using the arrow keys in the layout designer for easier/more precise layout

  • Much improved performance of mouse tracking from the mousepad in the phone app

  • Enabled horizontal scroll in mousepad view in the phone app

  • Improved performance of hold-to-repeat buttons

  • Bug fixes


v2.0 - 04/19/2010

  • Hold-to-repeat IR and command buttons (requires iPhone app version 2.0)

  • Customizable border highlight color for remote buttons on layout design window (to help design on dark backgrounds)

  • Drag & drop new buttons onto old buttons on remote layouts to redefine them (previously required remove/re-drag button)

  • Ability to select and modify multiple buttons on the layout design window simultaneously (ctrl+click to select multiple buttons) to modify properties

  • Improved dragging of hotspot buttons

  • Scaling of large background images to fit on your screen

  • Drag & drop files, links, text, etc. onto the "Define Button Command" panel to configure the command executed when pressing a command-type button

  • New "Command Arguments" field to enter arguments to pass to the commands/executables when defining Command button types

  • New "micro" pause character for macros - now include a "." to pause one tenth of a second (in addition to the existing "!" to pause 1 second - mix 'n match them for infinite possibilities)

  • Ability to change a button's type after it has been created (previously required delete/re-add button)

  • Mouse & keyboard control of your PC from the iPhone (requires iPhone app version 2.0)

  • New color scheme to match new iPhone version

  • Numerous other cosmetic tweaks & bug fixes


v1.3 - 04/04/2010

  • Fix for command buttons! They should actually work now.

  • Enhanced layout window - if your background image is larger than the default size, the view will expand to allow access to the entire image will without scrolling.

  • Other minor fixes.

  • Some new images available on the Download page.


v1.2 - 03/31/2010

  • Checks for new Touch IR Server software version at startup (and new settings page option to enable/disable this check - defaults to ON)

  • New configuration import and export functions (see Using Touch IR Server)

  • New IR pause feature - add pauses between IR segments in macros (see Using Touch IR Server)

  • Listener starts automatically when starting app (without prompting)

  • Better handling of different screen resolutions and magnification

  • New settings page option for minimize to tray (defaults to OFF - no exit prompt when turned off)

  • Fixed several icon issues

  • Other minor bug and cosmetic fixes


v1.1 - 03/14/2010

  • Added IRCommand2 support


v1.0 - 03/08/2010

  • Initial release

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