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The most complete and cost-effective way to control your stuff...your home...your world!

TouchControl 12 is smarter, faster, and better than ever! Please see this page for information on all of the new features in the latest release!



New Features!


Retrieve your device's location (LAT/LONG) via script!  See the "LocationManager" topic in the online instructions for more information.

IFTTT Webhooks Integration

Easily generate IFTTT Webhooks requests using HTTP Request buttons.  See the release notes for the macOS Server version 4.7 and Windows Server version 12.5 for more information.

Gesture Pad Updates

Added distinct double-tap gesture, and new "Hold to repeat" feature for up/down/left/right swipe gestures.   See the Release Notes for iOS app version 12.3 for more information.

Device Battery Monitor

Get the current device battery charging state and level, and be notified when the charging state and/or level changes.   See the Release Notes for iOS app version 12.1 for more information.

New "Colors" Theme

Display location and activity buttons in various colors on the TouchControl home screen.   See the Release Notes for iOS app version 12 for more information.


Use the _speak() script function to synthesize speech (text to speech) in your own activities, using any of the available iOS speech synthesizer voices!

See the Release Notes for more information, and get the "Speak" sample activity on the Download page.


Get TouchControl version 11 now, available only on the App Store.  Visit the Mac App Store to get the free Mac server software, or the download page to get the free Windows server software, and many sample activities to get your creativity jump-started!

One app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch!

What is TouchControl?

TouchControl is a powerful app that turns your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch into a customizable universal remote control! (**see below!)  TouchControl interacts with a variety of devices and other applications and services to send commands to your PC, A/V equipment, and other IR- and network-controlled devices.  In addition,TouchControl also allows you to control processes and applications, including mouse control and keyboard input (Windows only), on your computer directly from your iOS device or Apple Watch. 

Why TouchControl?

Universal remotes are great.  We all know that.  But what is sometimes overlooked is that when we replace multiple remotes with one, we just might lose some of the important, unique features of a device's original remote.  So what if you could have one remote that could become whatever you wanted it to be?  When you're watching TV, it could look and act like a TV remote, with all of the unique features of your TV's remote right where they should be.  And when you're watching a DVD, it could look like a DVD remote - again uniquely designed for DVD watching.  Or better yet, it could look like a TV or DVD remote that YOU would design if they'd asked you to do it - and it would work exactly like YOU want it to.  And what if all this could be packaged into one device, with one easy-to-use interface?  Guess can!

2-Way Control!

With TouchControl you can not only control your devices, but you can interact with them! TouchControl can dynamically process the feedback it gets from devices using custom Javascript that you provide to react and respond to information it receives from devices capable of providing such feedback.  So you can not only reliably process simple information such as volume and lighting levels or power and mute status, but you can dynamically control and interact with more sophisticated automation systems. Simple or complex...its all possible, and the choice is up to YOU!

Home Automation!

Of course!  Use TouchControl with your automation software and hardware to control lights, drapes, audio, garage doors, etc., and integrate that functionality with home theater or any other remote control functionality.

TouchControl and Global Caché are partners!  

Global Caché is a leading provider of network adapters, with products that are engineered to integrate easily into any control environment, providing easy and reliable control via IR, serial, contact closure, and more. TouchControl natively supports all Global Caché adapters, including the iTach, Flex, and GC-100 products, as well as integration of Global Caché´s "Control Tower" online IR code database, greatly easing the process of configuring the software to control all of your devices.  See the online TouchControl documentation for more information on how to use Global Caché products with TouchControl, and see Global Caché's site for more information about their great line of products!



**Please note that the TouchControl app will not turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into an infrared remote control by itself, as iOS devices do not have built-in IR capabilities.  In addition to the iOS app, you will need a Mac or Windows PC to design and configure your remote control screens, and you will need an IR transmitter device (either computer- or network-connected) to learn and transmit IR commands sent from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

IMPORTANT: The TouchControl Server app DOES NOT need to be running continuously on your network to use the TouchControl iOS app to control network-attached devices such as Global Caché adapters, EventGhost servers, IP enabled TVs, DVD players, receivers, etc(Mac or PC needed for screen design and configuration only.)

To remotely control your PC only, all you need is the TouchControl app, the FREE TouchControl Server software (Mac version available on the Mac App Store, Windows version found on this site), and a PC accessible on your local network via WiFi.


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